Restrict Web Sites in Sage CRM Dashboard Website Gadget

By | October 31, 2015

Every Oraganization has their own rules and regulations or we can say Organization policy which must be followed by their employees. For Example, Lets say according to the Organization rules and regulations or Policy, Organization employee should not be able to access any unwanted website in Sage CRM. Sage CRM Dashboard Gadgets allows to configure Web Sites, their feeds etc. There is a way to restirct web sites in Sage CRM Web Site Gadget. In this blog, we will explain how it can be done.
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Sage CRM Administrator can supervise Activity of each and every user of Sage CRM. Sage CRM user can  configure any Web Site in Dashboard Web Site Gadget as needed. Refer below screenshot for more details.
Sage CRM System Administrator users can even restrict from accessing specifc web sites in Dashboard Gadget. There is a System Parameter in Sage CRM database which can be viewed by executing below query.
SELECT Parm_Value * FROM custom_sysparams WHERE Parm_Name = ‘InteractiveDashboardUrlBlacklist’
Administrator can block this web sites access by updating this parameter in Sage CRM Database. Administrator can simply enter below URL to block or restrict all sites that are start with espncricinfo.*
Administartors can update into database using below SQL query.
update Custom_SysParams set Parm_Value = ‘*’ where parm_id=443
Parm_Id may be different for each database. Needless to say  do backup Sage CRM database before implementing any chnages.
Once it is done, do the Metadata Refresh and you will observe that dashbaord will show below message if Sage CRM users try to add Web Sites in Dashboard Gadgets.
Using above steps, Sage CRM Administrator can restrict any Web Sites in Dashboard Gadgets for all Sage CRM users.

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