Display Current User Name under Custom Tab using jQuery

By | June 21, 2016

JQuery helps us to customize our Sage CRM as per customer needs and in this blog I will be explaining how to assign logged in Username to one of the custom tab. In our previous blog, I have explained that how we can highlight checked checkboxes using jQuery. Please refer below link.

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In my Sage CRM instance I have a custom tab called Subscriptions where I will be seeing the outcome of this trick.


1. Create a .js page (e.g. QuickLinks.js) with below jQuery Code and Copy it under custom Pages folder.
var x = $(“.TABOFF”).text();
alert(“x: “+x);
var User_Logon = CurrentUser.user_logon;
TabName=User_Logon+” Subscriptions”;
var n = x.indexOf(“Subscriptions”);
var res = x.replace(“Subscriptions”, TabName);
{if($( this ).text()==’Subscriptions’)
{ $( this ).text(TabName);
2. Make “Inline Translation Mode” ON. Go to “My CRM”.
3. Go to inline translation of Dashboard tab and put your .js page path as shown below –
4. After saving, you will be able to see the tab name preceding with Logged in User Name.
5. Also, put the below script under Screens/Lists of Custom Content block to see the effect on click of that tab.
var x = $(“.TABON”).text();
var User_Logon = CurrentUser.user_logon;
TabName=User_Logon+” Subscriptions”;
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