Highlight Checked Checkboxes using jQuery

By | May 30, 2016

In Sage CRM, we not only use data fields to complete the profiling of a customer but GUI widgets can be used which allow user to make binary choice i.e. checkbox on CRM screens.

In this blog, I will explain that how we can highlight the checkboxes with border which are checked by user with the help of jQuery mechanism.

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Following instructions will help you to achieve this –
1. Go to your screen and put below jQuery script to “Custom Content” of that screen.
(function ()
var queryVariables = crm.getArgs();
var sact=queryVariables.Act;
if (queryVariables.Act == 200)
var jTags = $(“img[src*=’FilledCheck.gif’]”);
jTags.each(function ()
$(this).css(‘border’, “solid 2px red”);
2. After saving the changes, you will able to see the effect.
Before Change:
After Change:
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