How to disable iframe screen in Sage CRM?

By | June 16, 2017

As we all know, Sage CRM provides functionality to change screen design according to requirements. Such as adding fields, removing fields etc. But CRM does not allows to call another website’s data in CRM screen, for this we can add another container in CRM screen such as iframe which supports in CRM.

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Recently one of our client came with the requirement to show a website data in one of the CRM screen. Along with this they also wanted to enable or disable iframe content based on the workflow conditions.

To achieve this requirement we created one asp page under CRM’s installed path i.e. “…\CustomPages\Products.asp” path and called this file in a tab as shown in below screenshot.


As shown in above picture we called an iframe in crm to access and display another web page data. But to disable iframe contents we need to add client side script in asp page were we called iframe.

<script language=JavaScript for=window event=onload>

var sOppoStage=””;
var sOppofalg=””;
SOppoStage = ‘<%=OppoStage %>’
SOppofalg = ‘<%=OppoFlag %>’

If (sOppofalg==’Y’ && sOppoStage==”Approved”) {
SetTimeout (function () {
$(‘#iFrame’).contents ().find (‘*’).attr (“disabled”, “disabled”);
$(‘#iFrame’).contents ().find (‘a’).attr (‘href’, ”).css ({‘cursor’: ‘pointer’, ‘pointer-events’: ‘none’});
}, 600);
Else {
SetTimeout (function ()
$(‘#iFrame’).contents ().find (‘*’).removeAttr (“disabled”);
}, 600);


After applying above script changes according to condition, iframe will disable all contents as shown below.

If condition goes false then iframe will enable all contents.

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