Sage CRM Event Manager is compatible with Sage CRM 2019 Releases

By | December 23, 2019

In the year of 2019 Sage has come up with two latest release of Sage CRM (2019R1 and 2019R2) which includes new features to help the organization’s front office. The issues which were addressed by end users like custom entities workflow and navigations, Report, Mail merge and many more are been solved in the latest release. Greytrix, a Sage ERP – Sage CRM Gold Development Partner, has enriched its CRM Product Suite with new Sage CRM products. One of the product in that suite is Event Manager.

New Stuff: Auto Logout User In Sage CRM

Many organization are upgrading their Sage CRM to the latest release so that they can use newly upgraded features like Calendar List which now shows all tasks for particular user without default filter, Document Drop which helps users to add documents to custom entities using Active X plug in, Emails and SMS functionality enables user to file emails whose To or From address is empty, Updated By field now shows descriptive value if a record is updated using Escalation rules, Users with extended info admin rights can also make changes to Groups now etc. which will help them automate their sales, get wider idea of their customer’s need and in turn will help them in better decision making. Greytrix has also made Sage CRM Event Manager compatible with Sage CRM 2019 versions.

Event Manager will allow you to manage your activities, resource with the help of predefined modules. One can enter data like event name, number of attendees, start date and end date for an event.

Key Features of Event Manager are as follows:

Attendance and Group: This is a dedicated tab which shows list of attendees which allows add or remove functionality for individuals. User can set status for attendees to “Confirm”, “Cancelled” or “Pending”.

Event Workflow: This workflow determines the steps through which an event goes during its life cycle. This workflow can be changed according to business logic.

Expenditure:  A dedicated tab which will allow user to record all the expenses against particular event. Equipment screen allows to records all equipment cost which is visible on Event Summary screen.

Membership:  This option enables you to restrict event to contact which are listed as members in CRM. That means the contact which are in their renewal period will only available for adding as attendees. To read more about Event Manager and its features or to download Event Manager refer below link:
Sage CRM Event Manager

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