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IIS Configuration for Sage CRM

Sage CRM is one of the most advantageous business application launched by Sage. Day by day it is getting more advanced with new level features. Beauty of this application is its simplified UI, ease in configuring reports or dashboards as per your requirement etc.  Even the very first step i.e. the CRM installation doesn’t not… Read More »

Custom Icons for entities

For any web application, Self Descriptiveness is the main characteristic which facilitates maximum usage of the modules designed. There are lots of things with which we can achieve this in SageCRM. SageCRM has wide scope for customizations. Customization also involves creating several custom entities to incorporate client requirements.  We have a facility to generate entities… Read More »

Update Currency Exchange Rates in Sage CRM 7.2

Some days ago I came across this interesting topic on Sage CRM community site hence thought I would share the same with my reader here. In today’s business world, along with managing the work every person wants to stay updated with the currency rates. Sage CRM does support multiple currencies, but updating exchange rates used… Read More »

Survey Module in Sage CRM

Why do we need Surveys? This question may have several different answers depending upon the organizational goals we are aiming at by conducting online surveys. Conducting Surveys is the most efficient and cost effective way of gathering opinions, suggestions and valuable feedbacks from client in order to enhance the services and survive in competition with… Read More »