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Introduction of New Chart Styles in Sage CRM v7.3

Sage CRM’s reporting feature has always been proved helpful to view the summary data. Report’s data extracted in rich graphic and interactive graphs has improved the look and feel as well as gives better clarity. Sage CRM 7.3 has come up with some new chart styles which can prove helpful for Sales as well as… Read More »

Pipeline failure with regional currency configurations

With the availability of the demo data option at the time of installation it becomes easier to prepare demo systems on the fly. We can just install the demo data and showcase full-fledged functionality of Sage CRM in no time. New Stuff: Some facts about Metadata Refresh Once my presale guy was preparing demo system… Read More »

GUMU™ Sage CRM side configuration for Sage 100 ERP Integration

Configuration is an essential part after successful installation of any product. In our blog post today, we will go through the GUMU configuration screen and will see what information we require for configuring GUMU Sage CRM – Sage 100 ERP integration link. New Stuff: Steps to install GUMU Sage 100 Module For this purpose, in… Read More »

Configuring GUMU Sage 100 ERP integration with Sage 100 ERP SQL version

Our GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 100 ERP integration supports and can work with both Sage 100 ERP versions ProvideX and SQL.  Configuration of GUMU is almost similar in both the cases with just one minor change. In this blog post, we will discuss steps which need to be followed for making GUMU Sage… Read More »

Lead De-duplication nice to have feature in Sage CRM 7.3

Yes, you heard it right!!! Now, with the upcoming version Sage CRM 7.3v sage will be coming up with de-duplication feature at Lead level which was earlier restricted to Company and Person entities only. New Stuff: Expect smarter Email Marketing in Sage CRM 7.3 with MailChimp integration In our recent experiences across the retail businesses we… Read More »

Lead to Company/Person Field Mapping

One of the fundamental necessities of Sage CRM’s Sales module is to auto – populate the details within the related entities. Fast processing of data has always been proved time efficient and effortless. We all are aware of field mapping functionality between the two entities Lead & Opportunity but, CRM also allows field mapping of… Read More »

Tips and Tricks about Calling function in Custom Content of Sage CRM 7.2

Even from Technical Point of view Sage CRM is very much capable to handle various critical solutions. We have already posted few blogs about writing JavaScript codes in .js files and calling the same in Custom Content of any screen. This blog explains such a nice and timesaving trick to call JavaScript function written in… Read More »

Configure GUMU Module in Sage 100 ERP – Sage CRM integration

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage 100 ERP integration is a real time bi-directional link i.e. any changes made either in Sage CRM or Sage 100 ERP will be replicated immediately in the other system. New Stuff:   Clone Quotes and Orders in Sage CRM In GUMU™ integration, for updating changes from Sage 100 ERP to… Read More »

Increase number of width columns for Screen block

Hi readers! The screen which appears in CRM for the available entities contains fields which are placed with proper alignment (i.e. Row width, Column width). When we approach to our clients for the requirement gathering most of the time client asks to change the look and feel of the screens. New Stuff: Change default appearance… Read More »