Pipeline failure with regional currency configurations

By | January 15, 2015

With the availability of the demo data option at the time of installation it becomes easier to prepare demo systems on the fly. We can just install the demo data and showcase full-fledged functionality of Sage CRM in no time.
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Once my presale guy was preparing demo system for one of our prospects in India.  Usually for our demos in India we use the regional settings as much as possible, however sadly Sage CRM installs demo data only with dollar as base currency. Then developers end up editing the configurations and one such edit led to below error on Opportunity pipeline.
Well, digging up further we came to know this error occurs because the forecasts of the demo opportunities are saved in dollar currency, however while setting up the system we had set base currency as INR (Indian Rupees). Usually after doing this you have to add proper conversion to base currency in the configurations. My developer had set this value to zero.
Well next step is to go to Administration || Data Management  || Currency and add the conversion as shown below.
This will fix the “Pipeline Failed” error with demo data shown above.
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