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Unexpected event on converting Lead to Opportunity in Sage CRM 7.3

With the latest release of Sage CRM 7.3, Sage has introduced many valuable features which has proved very beneficial for every business sector. However, while working on Sage CRM 7.3 version we encountered an issue during lead to opportunity conversion process.  New Stuff:  Wrapper error in Sage CRM – Part 2 As we all are aware… Read More »

Control Access to Merge to Word button in Sage CRM v7.3

In our previous blog post, we discussed about the new features that have been introduced in Sage CRM v7.3. Here is the link. Quote Summary Screen Enhancements in Sage CRM 7.3 In this blog post, we will explain how Sage CRM administrator can add restrictions on any user for merging Quote template to word document. New… Read More »

Codeless Customization: Add Custom Entities to Find Screen when accessed through iPhone

Sage CRM behaves differently for on-premise versions and when accessed through Mobile Devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Windows phone etc. However with codeless customizations, user can easily add Custom entities on Sage CRM Find menus. Let’s consider an example; Sage CRM has a custom entity Project that user wanted to add on Sage CRM Find… Read More »

Change Default Cursor Position for Find Screens

From the Find screens in Sage CRM, the cursor defaults to the Keyword Search field. Refer below screenshot. Recent question asked in one of the forum that if it can be manipulated in Sage CRM so that the cursor lands in a different field as a starting point. New Stuff: Hide Export data option for… Read More »

2 Solution Entries in Sage CRM Find Screen

Few days back while checking Sage CRM Community forum, we came across a question – Why does Sage CRM show 2 solution entries in Sage CRM ‘Find’ screen instead of one? Coming Soon: GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage ERP X3 Integration ~ Real-time, Bi-directional This find menu options are displayed by using find Tab Group. To… Read More »

Smart Find Screen

What we do usually to find records in SageCRM? We go to Find Record Screen, fills the values in field and click on Find button. Too much time consuming process.. To reduce the time of clicking find button after filling values in fields, we have written a script. Once installed for any screen e.g. “Company… Read More »