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Quickbooks – SageCRM Introduction Letter

We received an introduction letter which you can utilize after editing/mail merging to send to prospects during your marketing campaign for Sage CRM. This free sales letter promoting SageCRM was written by the marketing and PR professionals at The Sage Closer (www.thesagecloser.com). They were impressed by Greytrix’s recent release of GUMU for SageCRM – QuickBooks,… Read More »

Greytrix Sage CRM/CRM.com – Product Import

SageCRM apart from being an excellent web based CRM also offers other features like data upload. This option enables a user to import data from a flat file into company, person and address entities of SageCRM. But one other thing that is most frequently imported in SageCRM is the product import. Since there was no… Read More »

Sage CRM Product Import

Greytrix released a new tool that will import the products from an excel sheet into Sage CRM and Sage CRM.com. Like most of the other integration products, the product import tool uses Sage CRM web-services to import data in Sage CRM. Along with the installation, Greytrix provides the user with the excel spreadsheet template. The… Read More »