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Advanced E-mail Management Server Options

As world presses on everything through automation SageCRM has given a provision to configure inbound emails on specific email id’s in order to generate communications, cases etc. automatically. GUMU: ACT! to Sage CRM Migration using GUMU™ Throughout this blog site we have posted many articles in order to configure inbound emails and get the improved performance… Read More »

Ways to Replace Sage CRM License Key

Sage CRM is a license product and every license product has its expiry. However, if Sage CRM license key get expired, one can easily obtain new key from Sage Partners/Resellers. Now, the next step is to activate the License keys for Sage CRM. There are 3 ways user can change the License keys of Sage… Read More »

Moving Sage CRM to new server

Firstly, credit of this blog contents should be given to Pat Dolan, Sage CRM Product Management. He had listed down detail steps to move Sage CRM to a new server. This post can be considered as an extension to our earlier posts (https://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sagecrm/2009/10/12/steps-to-be-remembered-while-moving-sage-crm-database-from-one-server-to-another/) which explains the steps to be followed while moving only the Sage… Read More »