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Recalculating Sales Commission on Altered Invoices

Sales Commission Application for Sage Intacct is beneficial for Sage Intacct users to calculate and pay a sales commission to the respective salesperson to achieve better efficiency and save time by excluding tedious work of calculating commission manually. Therefore, using this application Sage Intacct user can easily define commission rules and automate commission calculation on sales transactions.… Read More »

Commission calculations and postings

Sales Commission App for Sage Intacct simplifies commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and timely payment to sales representatives. So, after Setting up commission structure as the key component of our Sales Commission app., Sage Intacct users can easily do the commission calculations and automate commission Posting and payments on sales transactions. In this… Read More »

Sage Intacct Merge fields in email template

To populate your emails with dynamic data from Intacct, use merge fields in your email templates. When you send an email, merge fields take customer information from Intacct and link it directly to the email. You can, for example, get the credit limit or the discount given to the customer. Merge fields give you the… Read More »

Migrate AR Payment method from Sage 300 ERP to Sage Intacct

Greytrix stands out for its Sage Intacct services being an offshore development partner with multi years of experience in migration, integration, add-ons and consulting services thus helping Sage Intacct partners and end users to simplify business operations at a low cost, quick turnaround time, highest quality and with maximum efficiency. Greytrix Sage Intacct development provides a seamless… Read More »

Customer Aging Report

An Account Receivable aging report helps to list unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos by date range. Finance managers who need to spot and correct problems in the management of receivables. Collection personnel use this report to determine which invoices are overdue for payment. This report determines credit and collection function. The Customer Aging… Read More »

Send email when customer is added using Sage Intacct Smart Event

We can add customer in Sage Intacct to sell goods or services to your customers. We add the customer not only for record keeping purposes but also for printing the names and addresses on forms, such as invoices. Everyday many customers are added in Intacct. When new customers are added, they only know who added and… Read More »

Sage Intacct Invoice Analysis Report

Invoice Analysis report provides a listing of invoices for the period regardless of G/L account, and amount of each invoice listed is before taxes. Using Invoice analysis report we can review invoices. This report allows user to analyse certain aspects of invoices that have been captured. User can group line items across invoices and then he can… Read More »

New Receive Payments Screen in Sage Intacct

With the release of Sage Intacct Release 4, new receive payment screen has been introduced which gives us more convenient way to find invoices and apply payments. The new screen is introduced with improved functionality. We can create advanced filters to find specific invoices easily, apply payments and credits by invoice line item, and perform bulk action on multiple invoices with a single… Read More »