Migrate AP Invoice from Sage 100 to Sage Intacct

Greytrix stands out for its Sage Intacct services being an offshore development partner with multi-years of experience in migration, integration, add-ons, and consulting services thus helping Sage Intacct partners and end-users to simplify business operations at a low cost, quick turnaround time, highest quality, and with maximum efficiency. Greytrix Sage Intacct development provides a seamless stress-free deployment… Read More »

Commission Group Hierarchy

Sales Commission Application for Sage Intacct is beneficial for users to calculate and pay sales commission to the respective salesperson in-order to achieve better efficiency and save time in calculating commissions, excluding tedious work of manual commission calculation. Therefore, using this application, Sage Intacct users can easily define commission rules and automate commission payments on sales transactions.… Read More »

Highlighting data of Generic Inquiry Screens in Acumatica ERP

Acumatica provides a powerful data analysis reporting tool – Generic Inquiry to access the data from within ERP.  The Generic Inquiry provides On Screen result based on the applied filters and provides an option to export the data in Excel format. A person with basic logical skill can develop a new GI and make changes… Read More »

Enable/Disable Credit Card Processing in Acumatica

Acumatica ERP provides inbuilt feature to process the payments using the credit cards. The feature is directly available within ERP and can be used by setting up the processing centers and respective payment methods. Acumatica has been allowing the credit card processing from long time as its core functionality and recently have provided it as… Read More »

Override Employee Payment method in Sales Commission

In Sage Intacct, the Sales Commission application is extremely beneficial for the users to pay sales commission on the calculation to the respective salesperson to obtain better efficiency and save time in commission calculation, which helps to exclude the tedious and time-consuming manual commission calculation. Therefore, using this application, Sage Intacct users can easily define… Read More »

Acumatica – Using Import Scenarios to Import data from Excel

Acumatica provides an inbuilt functionality to import data from external sources. We come across many situations where we need to import data into Acumatica from external file and this feature comes in handy. Acumatica supports multiple file types for importing data. Importing data into Acumatica is a 3-step process and we will be demonstrating each… Read More »

Automate Schedule in Acumatica

Acumatica ERP provides inbuilt functionality with an easy way to automate the schedules. The Automation schedules are available on the Processing screens. This feature improves the efficiency to set automation policy to execute recurring tasks. In this blog, we will be discussing how to manage the automated schedules that will create an invoice for completed… Read More »

Pay Commission in Sales Commission Application

Sales Commission app assists Sage Intacct users to automate commission processing. It helps to simplify commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and payments after setting up Commission Structure . Based on entered structure, commissions are calculated on sales transactions. Using this, Sage Intacct user can easily do the commission calculations and automate commission posting and payments on sales… Read More »