GUMU™ for Sage Intacct – Sage CRM Integration: User Permission Settings

By | June 30, 2018

In our previous blog, we discussed about the architecture of GUMU™ for Sage CRM- Sage Intacct integration. Today in this blog, we will discuss about how Sage CRM administrator user can allow or deny permissions to other CRM users to access various GUMU features.

Note: Only users with Sage CRM admin rights have access to this Security Matrix feature.

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Sage CRM System Admin user can access this setting by navigating through below path in Sage CRM, Administration-> Intacct -> User Permission Settings

In this settings, admin can give company wise permission to other user so that he can manage integrated data access for another user in Sage CRM.

User can click on Add New button to assign permission to other CRM users as per Sage Intacct Company.

In below screenshot, permissions are assigned to System administrator user. There are various permissions like view customer info, View AR Inquiries, View order Inquiries etc.

In below another screenshot, for System Administrator user all the rights are given for company Sage-Dev and for same company only view customer right is given to user William Dolan. Also for System Administrator user only View customer right is given for company Greytrix-Dev. In such a way, user can assign permission to various CRM users for each company.

If any CRM user is not added using above user permission level setting then that user will not be able to access GUMU features.

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