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Commission calculations and postings

Sales Commission App for Sage Intacct simplifies commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and timely payment to sales representatives. So, after Setting up commission structure as the key component of our Sales Commission app., Sage Intacct users can easily do the commission calculations and automate commission Posting and payments on sales transactions. In this… Read More »

Emailing Commission Statement

Sales Commission Application for Sage Intacct is beneficial for users to calculate and pay sales commission to the respective salesperson in-order to achieve better efficiency and save time in calculating commissions, excluding tedious work of manual commission calculation. Therefore, using this application, Sage Intacct users can easily define commission rules and automate commission payments on… Read More »

Sage Intacct Sales Commission: Cashing in Sales and Boosting Growth!

Sales Commission as the name suggests is the percentage from the value of the total or individual sales that an employee receives as an incentive additional to the base salary. Different enterprises have different sales commission structure depending on the type of industry they operate, goods or services. While at one time a planned commission… Read More »