Personalizing workspace in Sage Intacct by building Favorites List

By | May 11, 2020

There are a few things that we do frequently in Sage Intacct, and that’s why the Favorites menu is introduced. This saves our time to navigate to our most-used item every single time. What we can do is just flag the frequently used items to add them to Favorites list so that we can access them directly. Instead of every time browsing across the applications and finding the desired menu item, we can just add it once to the favorites menu and work with more ease in our personalized workspace.

Go to Applications dropdown on the menu bar > In any of the module, under All or Setup, hover over the menu item you want to favorite > click the star contour beside it to add that item to your Favorites list.

Adding to Favorites
Adding to Favorites

Like you can see in the image above, the star (☆) beside the Customers masters has changed to yellowish orange () to indicate that this menu item has been marked as favorite.

When you hover over any menu item, like the Invoices, in above screenshot, you will be able to see the star contour/outline.

We can favorite anything including menu items, reports, and dashboards. We can also reorder the items within our favorites list. To organize your Favorites list, drag and drop menu items up and down to reorder them as required. Also, we can view favorited items, application/module wise, by selecting the application from the dropdown available in the Favorites menu panel.

All the items that are favorited can be viewed at one global place throughout the company. Click the star icon besides the Applications dropdown.

View Favorites list
View Favorites list

To remove a menu item from your favorite list, Go to either your Favorites menu or the browse to the menu item across the applications through Applications dropdown from menu bar. Further, unstar the previously starred item. The solid orange star besides the menu item will turn back to gray and the item will disappear.

So, favoriting out the items you need too often, you can solely work in your customized environment. This option indeed lets you gather the scattered menu items that are used frequently at an easy reach.