Convert a Sage Intacct Sales Transaction

By | October 19, 2020

Transaction conversion transfers any transaction to the next step in the workflow. For example, Sales Quote to Sales Order and Sales Order to Sales Invoice. In conversion process all data copies from Source transaction to Target transaction. You can view or edit created Sales Quote or Sales Order after conversion also. for example, if you convert a Sales Quote to Sales Order and Sales Order to Sales invoice, you can still access the source sales Quote or Order in the system.

To Convert Quote into Order in Sage Intacct you need to add a new sales quote or find an existing Sales quote which you want to convert into sales order.

Sales Quote

Now, to create a new Sales quote, you need to select customer and Item ID at detail lines. You can add more than one line item set price for each line Item and then click on Post button. In case you don’t have the approval policies enabled in your environment your record will get posted into pending State. Then click on Convert button. Using convert button you can convert your quote into Sales order then click on Post button.

Convert Sales Quote

Sales Order

Now you can convert Sales order using convert button. Click Convert A pop-up appears containing links to all transactions to which this transaction can be converted. Convert Order into Sales Invoice here you can convert your order into Invoice, Shipper and then in Sales invoice also. Now convert your order into Sales Invoice. Click on Post button.

Convert Sales Order

Sales Invoice

Converted record will display on Sales Invoice screen. You can make changes as needed to the any transaction like Sales quote, order and in Sales invoice. Also, you can keep those records in draft. At a time, you can post & pay your record. Using More option button, you can view as PDF, XML format. Also, you can view as Audit trail etc.