Sage Intacct Sales Register Report

By | September 16, 2020

Sage Intacct users generally ask a report that they can pull out by customer that shows payments/advances/CM received and how they were applied to each invoice since The AR Ledger report does not show exactly were the payment /advance, CM was posted.

So to fulfil their requirement there is a report in Sage Intacct named as the Sales Register in the AR module. There are checkboxes we can choose to run the report with transaction details, payment details, and credit details. We can also filter and/or group the report by Customer.

Sales Register Report shows monthly summary of sales transactions and closing balances.  Each transaction shows the date, customer ID and name, invoice or adjustment number, due date, description, amount, and amount paid. Each month can be viewed by selecting that month also you can change the display according to the information required. You can also compare similar data of two or more companies from same data directory.

Sales Register Report

  • Here we have selected reporting period from the drop-down menu. Select Start date – End date you want the report to cover.  If you do not specify a reporting period, the system generates a report for the current month to date.
  • Using filters tab, you can select Customer, Customer Type, Territory, Location, Department etc. With the help of filters, you can include or exclude specific types of data in the report, such as vendor and location.
  • Use Display transaction details checkbox to view invoices and adjustments details
  • Check Display payment details checkbox to See the payment details for invoices, including the payment method and date
  • Show credit details to see credit details, including which invoices a particular adjustment was applied to
  • Hide paid documents to filter the fully paid invoice and adjustments.
  • Using format, you can sort your report format by Customer ID, Customer name, Date etc. you can set the layout of the report Also you can arrange your report by group filter.
  • In Title tab, you can add Name to your Report. You can Add your report to a dashboard clicking on Add to Dashboard button given on top of the screen also you can Run, view, process, memorize, export you report.

View Report

So, Sales Register report gives us ability to analyse the type of transaction and track the complete sales process.