Import One-time vendors using Sage Intacct Import feature

By | March 30, 2021

Importing/Uploading mass data in Sage Intacct using the templates provided by Sage (Go to Company > Setup tab > Import data > Download the template for desired Master’s import) is very customary/habitual and of ease to us.

If we any time happen to upload ‘n’ number of Vendors and we want those set of Vendors as “One-time” but without having to manually enter each vendor and checking the one time use box for each one. In addition, if we find no option available for checking the “One-time” checkbox using the import template. 

Import Template

We can be achieve it using a Smart Event. Create the below Event before importing the vendor data:

  • Select the Smart Event Object : Vendor
  • Set Event Properties
    Action: API
    Event: Add
  • Add the below API body and save with a meaningful name.

    Smart Event API body

  • Check the Synchronous checkbox for the Event to trigger immediately upon Vendor Add action.
  • Now upon importing the Vendors, the Smart Event will update all of the imported ones to set the “One-time” checkbox to true.

    Vendor Information

  • After the import has been carried out successfully, this event can be inactivated or deleted to prevent it from marking every future vendor as “one time”.

Through productive use of functionalities provided by Sage Intacct, we can easily figure out a way to our day-to-day process challenges.  This way any other field can be updated for any import.