Audit Trail feature in Sage Intacct

By | August 31, 2020

Every Sage Intacct company contains many object as per company standards, and each object contains essential information of company.

So company internal and external user need to know how any object related changes happen and who made the changes. We can have a record of who made changes and what time changes happen for particular record.

Sage Intacct provides in-build property i.e. ‘Audit Trail’ to maintain who can see the changes and what time he made the changes in specific object.

Step to maintain audit trail for specific object of application.
We add the audit trail for new object at a time of creation and also add audit trail for existing company object.

  1. In this scenario we maintain the purchase list history of purchase list object, so click on purchase lists object.

Purchase Inventory

2. Then click on object definition of that object

Object Definition

3. Then click on Edit Properties & Attributes button.

Edit Properties and Attributes

4. Check the Audit Trail checkbox to maintain the history of that object.

5. Click on save button.

Object Properties

When we make any changes in purchase list object like when we add new fields, changes in page layout, views and also when we add any record all information are show in this audit trail.

Audit Trail

So the audit trail provides several benefits, including transparency, integrity and accuracy, system protection from misuse, and security of sensitive information.