Sage Podcast: Cloud Software Integration for Seamlessly Connected Apps

By | May 20, 2021

Software integration nowadays has become a necessity rather than a choice. Be it any eCommerce platform or any CRM or any application, integrating it with other systems like an ERP minimizes the scope of errors. So, what is it that an ERP integration can do which any application cannot do alone?

Integration allows seamless flow of data between two systems bi-directionally and in real-time eliminating the risk of data duplication. As Greytrix CEO, Kumar Siddhartha rightly says in the Sage Thought Leadership Podcast with Ed Kless, Senior Director, Partner Development and Strategy, “Integration allows 100s of systems to communicate and provide customers a 360⁰ outlook towards their business.” Greytrix often known as integration specialists offer consulting, reselling, product and add-on development, back office programming services to Sage partners who are looking for low cost, high quality and quick turnaround resources.

Since 2000, Greytrix has been involved around numerous integrations with different solutions like Ecommerce, CRM, horizontal and vertical integrations. Sensing the gap between different products to minimize errors Greytrix launched its flagship GUMU™ integration in 2002 to cater to the integrations between Sage ERP and Sage CRM which later came to be known as GUMU™ Cloud in 2020 eventually integrating more and more applications like eCommerce, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, POS, WMS integrations with Sage ERP products and enhanced the framework to a most comprehensive Platform as a Service or PAAS solution.

Moreover, the mention of GUMU™ Cloud in the Podcast throws light on how you can perform integrations with simple plug and play operations. GUMU™ Cloud integrates applications like eCommerce, Salesforce, Dynamics, POS, WMS etc with Sage ERP products and enhances the framework to a most comprehensive Platform as a Service or PAAS solution.

Listen to the Podcast to know how Sage products codeless integration can be achieved through GUMU™ Cloud in just a click!

Being recognized for its 5-star rated GUMU™ app on Salesforce AppExchange for Sage ERP – Salesforce and Sage X3 – Sage CRM systems on Sage Marketplace, Sage Intacct – Sage CRM systems on Sage Intacct Marketplace, Greytrix combines the unmatched experience and specialized skills of working across industries & verticals driving innovation to ameliorate the way businesses operate with its 30+ integration solutions. Greytrix is acknowledged and rewarded for multi-man years of experience, we bring complete end-to-end assistance for your technical consultations, product customizations, data migration, system integrations, third-party add-on development and implementation competence be it any Sage ERP/CRM – Sage IntacctSage X3Sage 100Sage 300Sage 500 or Sage CRM.

Join our session at Sage Partner Summit on 25th May 2021 at 8:30 AM EDT to know how you can easily integrate multiple enterprise application using GUMU™ Cloud.

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