Sales Commission Based on Sales Target Fulfilment

By | December 27, 2023

Sales Commission Application of Greytrix assists Sage Intacct users to automate commission processing. It helps to simplify commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and Payments. Based on entered structure, commissions are calculated on sales transactions. Using this Sage Intacct users can easily do the commission calculations and automate commission posting and payments on sales transactions.

The new feature in Sage Intacct calculates sales commission based on sales targets. This is particularly useful for companies that want to provide Incentives to their salespeople based on their individual sales performance. The commission is calculated based on the invoice amount. The rate of commission corresponds to the cumulative sales amount.

Commission Structure Example:

  • If the total sales amount is between $0 and $1000, a salesperson will earn a commission rate of 10% on the sales amount.
  • If the total sales amount is between $1001 and $5000, the commission rate increases to 15% on the sales amount.
  • This structure continues with increasing commission rates for higher sales amounts.

Create an AR Invoice or Sales Invoice. Attach Commission Group and Commission Type:

Attach the appropriate Commission Group and Commission Type to the invoice. This is a crucial step in the process.


Once the Commission Group and Commission Type are attached, post the invoice.

View the Calculated Commission:

Upon posting, the commission is instantly computed. This can be conveniently viewed on the Accounts Receivable (AR) invoice.


Check Sales on Employee Commission Levels Screen:

The Employee Commission Levels Screen in Sage Intacct displays the total sales achieved by each salesperson. This feature facilitates effortless tracking and evaluation of individual performance.


  • Now you can post the commission using post commission menu. After that you can pay the commission using pay commission menu. This will create a journal entry in Commission Payable Journal.
  • This feature will streamline the process of calculating sales commissions based on sales target amounts.

These commission levels can be easily set up in Sage Intacct, allowing for a flexible and customizable commission structure based on your company’s specific needs. Commission Levels in Sales Commission – Sage Intacct – Tips, Tricks and Components (

This feature provides a dynamic way to motivate and reward salespeople based on their sales performance. It ensures that the harder a salesperson works, the more they earn, creating a win-win situation for both the salesperson and the company.

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