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Sage Intacct Purchase Transaction Report

Purchasing Transaction report in Sage Intacct helps to view which transaction occurred during a selected date range or time period. The report includes Transaction, Date, Vendor, Pay to, Return to and Amount. This report provides us clear and highly detailed level information about purchase orders and their items. To access this report, go to Purchasing > All… Read More »

Sage Intacct Financial Report

Financial Report used to track your financial data from Sage Intacct and represented it in proper form which is easy to understand. Also, It Improve decision-making by analyzing the performance of unique business drivers, simplify your chart of account and Boost visibility by reporting financial and operational data. You can schedule your financial report on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly… Read More »

Sage Intacct Dashboards

Sage Intacct Dashboards pull together reports, graphs, performance cards and more, to provide a 360 degree view of your organization on a home page.  It act as a one-stop view of various key information which are crucial to people with different roles.  It conveys the right information quickly and facilitates quick business decisions. Sage Intacct… Read More »

Dimension Structures in Sage Intacct

In Sage Intacct; Dimension Structures assists you to organize your dimensional data on financial reports. In last blog; we created Dimension groups (Customers) with which we were able to categorize our customers by Customer types – Residential, Corporate and Commercial. Now you have a requirement to show the sales by customer types. In this blog… Read More »