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Effective Use of Sage Intacct Dimension Relationships

To restrict users from entering improper location when posting to a specific GL account, i.e., basically allowing no entries unless they are to a certain location, we can write a Smart Rule with condition {!GLENTRY.ACCOUNTNO!} == ‘[account_no]’ && {!GLENTRY.LOCATION!} == ‘[location_id]’ and throwing an appropriate error. For scenarios like the above one, we usually tend… Read More »

Sage Intacct Memorized Journal Entry transactions

Some transactions happen regularly over a period of time. Sage Intacct provides Memorized transactions functionality for speeding up transaction data insert process. Using a memorized transaction, we need to fill in the basic data like description, accounts, dimensions just once and every time when the transaction re-occurs after a certain time period we can edit… Read More »