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Reading Attachments through API

Attachments are useful in maintaining a track of any supportive documents added to any sale, purchase or journal entry transactions. Supporting information files/images can be attached for quotes, invoices, credit notes, payments, bills, journal entries.For instance, one can attach a receipt, brochure, commodity images, or any such transaction documents that might prove useful to the customers or vendors.… Read More »

Sage Intacct Custom Report Data through Web Services APIs

Sage Intacct Web Services are the standardized means of direct communication between external applications and Intacct. It supports interoperable interaction over a network using some protocol. Web service API calls are XML-based data exchange systems. In our previous blog we saw how we can pull a report of the Drop-ship transactions in Sage Intacct. Although… Read More »

Querying data in Sage Intacct using new Query function

In the new 2020 Release 1 by Sage Intacct, a new powerful Query function has been introduced. It  accepts expressions comprising of XML elements with a well defined schema and has more robust error checking. It allows building case-insensitive and strong query expressions. It provides more efficient data fetching over the legacy  readByQuery function. But as of… Read More »

Sage Intacct Sets Accounting Free from Excel

Sage Intacct has followed and honed a pure cloud model to enable multi-tenant financial management on a finance-specific platform. As you consider your cloud strategy, products and services, like Sage Intacct, deliver on the promises of cloud computing. Multi-tenant solutions have been accredited to yield significant ROI, lower costs, reduction in the complexities of connecting… Read More »