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Sage Intacct Purchase Price Variance Report

In an organization, there can be a need to check the differences between the standard cost of an item and price on which the item is purchased. In order to achieve that, Sage Intacct provides a Purchase Price Variance report that show the difference between the purchase price on the purchase order and standard cost of… Read More »

Reading Attachments through API

Attachments are useful in maintaining a track of any supportive documents added to any sale, purchase or journal entry transactions. Supporting information files/images can be attached for quotes, invoices, credit notes, payments, bills, journal entries.For instance, one can attach a receipt, brochure, commodity images, or any such transaction documents that might prove useful to the customers or vendors.… Read More »

Sage Intacct Invoice Analysis Report

Invoice Analysis report provides a listing of invoices for the period regardless of G/L account, and amount of each invoice listed is before taxes. Using Invoice analysis report we can review invoices. This report allows user to analyse certain aspects of invoices that have been captured. User can group line items across invoices and then he can… Read More »