GUMU™ Process Logs via Email

By | May 29, 2024

In our previous blog, we discussed the features of GUMU™ logs. You can find that blog here: Understanding Logs in GUMU™ Cloud Integrations.

Today, we’ll explore the functionality of sending process logs via email, including the new daily digest logs feature. This feature allows registered users to receive synchronized data information conveniently via email, eliminating the need to log into the GUMU™ portal regularly.

To enable this option, GUMU™ subscribed users need to log into the GUMU™ portal and navigate to the configuration section. Under this section, if the “Same as Login” option is selected, the email logs notification will be sent to the subscribed GUMU™ user. If users prefer to receive email logs at a different email address, they can uncheck this option and enter the desired email address in the email field. Additionally, subscribers have the option to:

  • Choose the type of logs they want to receive via email (Error, Info, Warning, Debug).
  • Select from a dropdown menu when the logs should be sent (“Process end” or “Day end”).

Once this configuration is set up, GUMU™ sends emails to the user’s email address, including a zip file with attached logs, as shown in the screenshot below.

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