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AR Reverse application in Sage 500

The new feature has been added in Sage 500 from version 2014 for AR Reverse Applications. This utility gives the user ability to make a reverse entry for invoice, Payment entries and memo (Debit/Credit). The Reverse Applications task is located on the Accounts Receivable module in Sage 500. Here’s the below screen by using the user… Read More »

Data Import Manager Module in Sage 500 ERP

Data Import Manager is a unique module in Sage 500 ERP (formerly known as MAS 500). Using this tool, users can easily import data from a source of application like XLS, CSV and XML file. New Stuff: Credit and Rebill functionality on Posted invoice in Sage 500 Data Import Manager workflow can be divided into three… Read More »

Pass database credential to sub report under the Custom report in Sage MAS 500

There was a very unique but interesting requirement from one of our clients recently; the issue is client had developed number of custom report with subreport on their test database system and their test database name was different with their production system so whenever they deploy all custom report with subreport, they got database name… Read More »

Import journal entries from CSV file in Sage 500

In standard MAS 500, journal entry transaction is created for passing the account to account entries to match the general ledger balance. There must be two lines entry-level (debit and credit). The totals of the debit and credit for any transaction must always equal to each transaction so that an account transaction balance always perfect… Read More »

Greytrix Integration and Migration Solutions for Sage

We’ll see today some nice graphical presentation of Greytrix migration and integrations solutions created especially for Sage Product Lines better know as ‘GUMU™‘ Solutions for Sage. As we tell all our partners for any of your integration or migration needs to visit our website or email us on and we may have a GUMU™ for it. Greytrix… Read More »

GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage MAS 500 ERP Integration

Greytrix has released its latest version of GUMU™ Sage CRM integration with Sage MAS 500 ERP. This is a real time bi-directional integration between Sage CRM and Sage MAS 500 ERP. Based on our experiences with the earlier versions and resellers feedback we have incorporated some new features and likewise, we have dropped some unwanted… Read More »

Adding Custom Context Sensitive Menu

In the standard MAS 500 screens, there are Context sensitive menus in the transaction grids where user clicks the right button of the mouse and a popup is prompted to perform different functions. User selects the options to perform different functions like ‘Add line’ to add a new line, ‘Insert Line’ to insert a line… Read More »

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – MAS 500 Integration

Greytrix has released GUMU™ for Sage CRM – MAS 500 Integration version 3.0. This is a real-time bi-directional integration between SageCRM and Sage MAS 500. Based on our experiences with the earlier versions and resellers feedback we have incorporated some new features and likewise, we have dropped some unwanted and cumbersome steps during the installation… Read More »