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Object Does Not Exist Error in Sage 100 ERP

Many a times while doing development in Sage 100 ERP, developers forget to name classes correctly for creating objects. Thus, when system searches for the class (i.e. bus, svc, or UI) file, we get error message saying “the object does not exist.” in the system. Error Message: “The Object “XX_XXXX_bus” does not exist”?  Where XX_XXXXis… Read More »

Remove Zero Balance Invoices from Open Invoice List of Customer Inquiry in Sage 100 ERP

While navigating through customer records, when we check the open Invoice list, we see many invoices, which are closed OR paid. Finding an open invoice among the open invoices, which are closed/fully paid (i.e. zero balance invoices) sometimes, becomes quite difficult. To avoid this scenario, there is one setting (i.e. “Display Invoices with Zero Balance”… Read More »

GL Posting for Sales Orders with Special Items in Sage 100 Standard ERP 2013

In this blog, we would discuss about the posting process of G/L Accounts, when Sales order is created in Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90/200 ERP) with special Items as its Line Items. As discussed in our previous blog ‘Create Sales Order Entry with Special Item’, Sage 100 users can use a Special Item… Read More »