Create Entity in GUMU™ SAGE ERP X3 Integration for Salesforce

By | July 5, 2016

The pre-requisite of any integration is to map the data between the two systems. Our GUMU™ link reads the table schema using Sage X3 web-services and enables user to see all schema information like field name, filed label, data type and default values of fields at the click of a button.

Let’s walk you through the process of creating a new entity and get the real-time schema of ERP object. Once you have installed the GUMU™ integration product in your Salesforce organization follow the below steps:

  • Login to Salesforce.
  • Go to App menu and select “GUMU Settings” App.
  • Click on “Entity Setting” menu.

GUMU Entity Creation

  • You can view entity list as shown in above screen.
  • You can create a new entity clicking on “New Entity” button.

GUMU Entity Creation 2

  • Enter the respective information in the fields. API Method name should exactly match with the existing web service name in the Sage ERP X3 system that is being integrated.
  • If the entity to be created needs to be fetched based on the list coming from another API method, then select the parent entity (list entity) for the detail entity e.g. customer list is parent of customer header entity. In this case while syncing customer, it will first fetch customer list and then get the details of customers in the list).
  • Click on “Refresh fields” button to get schema details of ERP object and Save the schema.
  • Also you can define primary key for Entity by selecting fields from list as shown in below screen.

GUMU Entity Creation 3

  • If you want to assign a composite key (combination of more than one field as the primary key) to the entity, you can add multiple rows under the Primary Key tab.
  • If you happen to add a primary key by mistake, you can simply check the field and hit “Remove” button.
  • Once configuration is done click on save button to save entity.

GUMU Entity Creation 4

And here you have your entity created and ready for integration.

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