Adding custom button in Accpac View List

By | May 25, 2017

There are situations where the user requires the custom column in the Standard Sage 300 Grid. Sage 300 ERP allows us to use/add columns in the standard Grid using “AccpacViewList”.
Based on the requirement of the column, it becomes necessary to provide custom finder on newly added column. We can assign the finder property to the control and use “OnCustomButtonClick” event to perform the desired operation.

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A snippet of code which may help the developer to make use of this functionality:

Step 1: Declare the Viewlist with event in the control file

Public WithEvents avlDetail As AccpacFldList.AccpacViewList

Step 2: Adding new column and assigning custom button

Private Sub AccpacXX1000UICtrl1_OnUIAppOpened()

Dim stdPic As StdPicture     ‘TODO: Write your custom button column code here

Set stdPic = AccpacXX1000UICtrl1.Picture     ‘Inherit the Picture from the Control

Set avlDetail = AccpacXX1000UICtrl1.UIAppControls(“ModuleNameFromUIinfo”).GetControl

‘Add column with Finder property as True to use the custom button.

avlDetail.AddColumn avlDetail.ColumnCount, “BindField”, 0, “Column Name”, ALIGMENT_LEFT, 100, True, False, True

‘Adding the custom button with ZOOM symbol and picture inherited from the control. There are different buttons available in the list (BUTTON_ZOOM)

avlDetail.SetCustomButton avlDetail.ColumnIndexByField(“BindField”), BUTTON_ZOOM, stdPic
End Sub

Step 3: OnCustomButtonClick event have the control of the click

Private Sub avlDetail_OnCustomButtonClick(ByVal ColIndex As Long, ByVal ColName As String, ByVal FieldName As String, Bookmark As Variant)

‘TODO: Write your code here to perform operation on custom button click

Call CustomFinder
End Sub

So, developer can use the above code snippet to call the functions, forms and also perform any other operations supported by VB6 and Sage 300.

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