Automation on OE Order Quantity

By | May 25, 2017

Recently we had a chance to work on automation on order quantity where our customer was looking for the O/E Screen to add two columns and a multiplication of both the new column would be a calculate order quantity. Essentially, they need the Qty Ordered column to be calculated by two additional columns Length and No. of Sheets. The Length column should be populated by an Optional Field in the item record and the No. of Sheets column will be manual and editable so that user can enter a required value in it.

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In this blog, we would be discussing about same automation of OE Order Quantity in detail.
In order to calculate the quantity order automatically we need to follow the process below.

1. We have used the Item Master optional fields for storing the characteristic of the Item i.e. Length.

2. We have applied “LENGTH” optional field to I/C Item and at the Order Detail so that it gets flowed from Item master to Order details.

3. We have assigned the “LENGTH” optional field to Item “A1-103/0” with value 3.30.

IC Item Form4. If user selects the item in the order detail line which has optional field “LENGTH” applied in I/C Item will carry the value of “LENGTH” to the order detail optional field. Refer the screenshot below.

IC Optional field value setting5. As per the customization request “No. of Sheets” and the “Length” are the new fields which we have added into the order detail line. The value from the order detail optional field will be automatically copied into the new field i.e. “Length”.\

6. In the order below user inputs 2.00 into no. of sheets and 3.30 is value of Length so 3.30 * 2.00 = 6.6000. The quantity order gets calculated automatically. Refer the screenshot below.

OE Order entry screen

This customization is available for Sage 300 v2016.

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