By | November 7, 2017

We have created many of the integration utilities that work independently without any human interventions. All of these integrations are Import type integrations. Our utility will search file on defined path, read the data & import it into Sage 300.

Here customers need to manually copy integration files from ftp to local machine (where integration is deployed). Later on utility will work accordingly.

New Stuff: –Import GL Batch through Web API in Sage 300

To reduce human intervention, we have created one windows service through which files are getting auto copy from ftp server to local machine. Below is the detail description of this windows service.

  • We will provide you installable setup exe, through which you can install this windows service.
  • After an installation, you will get config file on specified path where you need to configure your ftp details along with local directory. (Please refer below screen shot for your reference)

  • After installation, you will get this web service in your windows service list. (refer below screen shot)

  • Once you click on start, this service will execute continuously after define time interval & check whether files are exists on ftp or not. If exists, then it will copy files from ftp to local machine.

The main purpose of this service is to automate the process of import integration, without any human intervention.

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