Database Copy in Sage 300 ERP

By | September 26, 2014

Database Copy is a standard functionality available in Sage 300 ERP which can be used to copy the data of one company into another without taking the dump of one and loading the same into the second one.

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Below are the steps to use Database Copy in Sage 300 ERP:

1. Navigate to Start >> All Program >> Sage >> Tools >> Database Copy and enter your admin password.

2. Select the source database which you want to copy into your target database and click on Next.

3. Going forward, select the target database into which you want to copy your selected database.

4. Again, click on Next to finish this process which in turn starts copying your existing database into new one.

After that, click on Yes for confirmation which will get you through the copying screen showing source and target databases at the top.

In the same way you can copy the existing System database into new system database as required after checking which System database is linked with your existing Company database. The linking can be checked by the Database Setup option available in Sage Application folder.

I am positive that this blog will help you in instances where you would be required to create the Test Database copy of your live database without wasting much time in dumping and reloading same database.