IC/ Copy Bill of Material

By | April 23, 2014

Copy bill of material option is included in the Inventory control module under the IC/ Items and price List. This feature makes it easier for user to copy existing bill of material to a new bill of material.
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User needs to follow the below mentioned steps to use ‘Copy Bill of Material’ feature.
1. In sage ERP, navigate to Inventory Control -> I/C Items and Price Lists -> Copy Bills of Material.
2. Then, select the existing Master Item Number and BOM Number.
13. Now, select the Master Item Number to which you want to copy the existing BOM. Then enter the BOM Number & click on go button (‘>>’).
Through this, users can copy existing BOM to new BOM
4. Initially, all fields will get auto populated with the details of existing Bill of material in Copy Bill of Material UI. If needed, user can change the details.
5. User can also identify which line details he wants to copy in new Bill of Material by making ‘copy detail’ line Yes/No at detail grid.
6. Once you are done with selecting the item detail grid, click on ‘Create’ button to create new Bill of material. 
Hence, with the ‘I/C Copy Bill of Material’ feature user can copy the Bill of Materials easily.
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