Sage Accpac ERP Control Account Feature comes to rescue

By | June 30, 2011

We were looking for something/feature in Accpac which will restrict the users from using the Accounts which are meant for the AR Receipt entries when AP Invoice entry is entered. For the admin It becomes difficult to keep a hold on this, to avoid the users repeating this mistakes.

Sage Accpac ERP Control Account Feature comes to rescue – As far as Accpac is concerned we can definitely restrict the users from carrying this mistake using control Account feature inbuilt in GL module of Accpac. Let us proceed with an explanation on the same.

Consider, we have a GL account which is being used for our bank account and this account should be affected only by payment transaction [by customer and vendor] but not the Invoice transactions of either of the modules. In such case we will follow this procedure:

1) Open the GL Account screen and select the GL Account which has been set as bank Account. On the detail tab we will check the option Control Account, the new tab as Subledger gets added on the screen as shown in below screenshot.

2) Go to Subledger tab and choose the subledgers that will use this account as a control. Here we are adding AR and AP payment source codes as subledgers as shown in below screenshot.

Now let’s check it by doing a normal GL Entry from GL Module on this account. Go to GL Transactions>>GL Entry and select source code as GL-JE and add select the Account 1020 for Transaction entry. As we select this account for entry ,a popup screen appears as shown in below screenshot. It will restrict us to make GL entry by another source code which has not been set as subledger on in GL Account screen.

Now it will accept GL transactions only created by AR Receipt and AP payment Transactions as set against the account sub ledger. If we want to allow account to get affected by other transactions also then we need to add Source codes of those respective transactions into subledger of GL Account. The transactions created by only those subledgers may be posted to the account. General Ledger checks the ledger by looking at the first two characters of the source code included with each subledger transaction.

These first two characters must match the subledger codes. For example, all transactions created by Accounts Payable use source codes that begin with AP.

This reminds me of a saying.. Big things come in small packages.