How to configure Recurring charges for customer in Sage Accpac ERP

By | March 15, 2012

In our earlier blog we had discussed how to schedule recurring charges in Sage 300 ERP. Now proceeding further lets see how to configure recurring charges for customer.

Go to Accounts Receivable -> A/R Customers -> Recurring Charges
The screen shown above will define the Recurring charge codes and the related specs for the particular code. We need to select a customer which will be assigned to this recurring charge as well as set the charge details [i.e. details needed to create an invoice in Accpac], and lastly we need to mention the recurring frequency and the expiry date of the charges.

Accpac also allows you to select the users which need to be assigned against this code.
We have selected ‘All Users’ in user mode under Schedule code, when any user logs in to the system the next day, a pop up screen will appear as below:

The authorized user can directly click on the ‘Process’ tab and process the transaction with the preset charge.
On the contrary to the above, If we had selected ‘no users’ from user mode under Schedule code, then Accpac will not pop up any screen. In that case the authorized user has to go to Accounts Receivable -> A/R Periodic Processing -> Create Recurring Charge batch and process the transaction

As we see in the above screen shot, the user authorized to process the transaction has to select the appropriate fields as above and process the transaction.

This gives an overview of how to configure recurring charges for customer in Sage 300 ERP (Accpac ERP).