Adding VB Application to Sage Accpac Portal

By | April 18, 2012

You have developed an add-on for  Sage Accpac ERP version 6 in VB 6.0 and would like add your application in the portal. As we know Sage Accpac ERP Portal doesn’t read existing grp.dat files which have been developed in VB. We found a work around for this, it always better you try this on a test machine first or take a backup of your Application folder.
Follow the below steps to call your VB ui’s in portal.
1. You must add your icons to the portal in a different way
Information of portlet which is to be mapped in portal is stored in portletMap.xml files
Portlets: The UI which is displayed in the portal whether it is VB UI or SWT UI is called as Portlets. This portlet or UI detail is mapped with Subcategories which is defined in Portlet Categories. So, details of VB UI or SWT UI with respect to their subcategories are given in PortletMap.xml
2. Information on portlet categories is stored in the portletCategoriesMap.xml file: Each portlet belongs to a category listed in that file.
Portlet CategoriesWe have modules in Sage Accpac Application which are in VB, these modules are called as categories in portal and the sub folders are called subcategories in portal. So detail of Categories and their subcategories are given in portletCategoriesMap.xml
3. You need to provide language dependent UI Content files: Text strings which are to be displayed in portal are stored in uiContent XML files
UI ContentAll the details of UI’s which are to be displayed in the portal such as name of UI is given in this uiContent.xml and Category name & Subcategories name are given in AppContent.xml
4. You need to provide thumbnail images : thumbnail image which is to be assigned to respective UI.
Thumbnail Images
a. Thumbnail images are stored in stored in <Accpac program files>\WebUIs\images
b. Several portlets may share the same thumbnail image (for example, AR setup portlets)
Steps to Add Applications to the Portal

  1. On the server or System: Stop IIS and Tomcat
  2. Copy portletMap.xml in the path given below:
  3. Copy portletCategoriesMap_<company>_<product>_<version>.xml in the path given below
  4. UI content XML  and App Content XML files to the path below
  5. Copy thumbnail images in the path given below:
    (Program file where sage is installed)Program Files\Sage\Sage Accpac\WebUIs\images
  6. Open MSSQL delete the UIContent table from the portal database.
  7. If you are running a version of Accpac after 6.0 (e.g. 6.0 PU1): You will find clean_db_uiContent file which you have to copy in your application’s directory under the uiContent directory.
    Note – The UIContent table will be automatically regenerated / updated with new data the next time you run the Portal
  8. Restart Tomcat and IIS
  9. On the client machine, Clear browser cache (Browser History) because UI content is cached in it.
  10. Then run the portal from Accpac menu in All Programs.

This will guide you in Adding any of your VB Applications in Sage 300 ERP  (fka Sage Accpac ERP) PORTAL.