Item Wizard for creation of Item

By | October 22, 2014

Sage 300 ERP introduced the tool called Items Wizard using which anyone can create an item, assign the pricing, define respective sales representative, tax details, prefered vendor with the cost, preferred customer with price, preferred location, reorder quantity and so on at one go.

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You can find the snap shopts for each step.

1. Create Item (specify item code and item description) and define UOM.

2. Define Tax Detail and required optional fields.

3. Define the location details for the item. Select the specific location where you would like to stock the item and you can also mention the costing information for the item at each location.


4. Mention the preferred vendor details that supply you with the items. You can also enter the vendor cost in your vendor Module.


5. In Sage 300 ERP, you can set up the item’s reorder information including maximum, minimum, reorder, and projected sales quantities in the item’s stocking UOM.

6. Here in Sage 300 ERP, one can define the various price lists.

Here in Sage 300 ERP, using a single – screen without keying multiple – screen users could create an Item Master and other relevant master like Price List, Location, UOM, preferred vendor, preferred customer, reorder level etc.  This would save the data entry time of the user, make the work efficient and there is no chance to forget to any step which is very much required along with the item master. With this tool, a user can also amend the existing item details.

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