First Ever Sage CRM Chrome Plugin – Gmail sync for Sage CRM

By | January 12, 2015

One can easily file emails from outlook as communications in Sage CRM. However, if you get an email on your Gmail account and you wish to file it as a communication in Sage CRM, then it becomes very cumbersome to re-enter the correspondence as a communication in Sage CRM.

To manage this in a better way.  You now have the ‘Chrome extension for Gmail’ by Greytrix.

Link to Install Plugin – Chrome Webstore
Or search for “Sage CRM” on Chrome Webstore


Features available with this extension:

  • Sync emails from your Gmail account as communications in Sage CRM
  • Sync contacts from your Gmail account as Persons in Sage CRM
  • View Sage CRM contact information from within your Gmail environment

How it works:
The ‘Greytrix Chrome extension for Gmail’ plugin is built to transfer contacts from Gmail to Sage CRM. The plugin reads the email address of the sender in Gmail and searches for the person with that email address in Sage CRM. If match is found, information pertaining to that person will be displayed from CRM database. If email address is not found, a ‘Send to CRM’ button will be visible which can be used to create a person in Sage CRM. You can also file email contents directly into the communications tab of the person by clicking on ‘File Email in Sage CRM’ button.

Chrome 3

Upcoming features: (We are already excited thinking about these)

If you are wondering about the various possibilities that can be achieved with this extension, then you are not alone. We will be taking the extension a notch higher by adding to it some exciting features in the near future.

Listed below are some of the features that would be added to the extension,

  • Create Company from within Gmail environment
  • Create Opportunity from within Gmail environment
  • Create Lead from within Gmail environment

With these added features, if a new prospect sends you an inquiry on a Gmail account, then you can easily add him to Sage CRM by creating a company from within Gmail environment. Similarly, you will also be able to create Opportunities and Leads from within Gmail environment.

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