Non-Returnable Gate Pass in Sage 300

By | September 23, 2015

In any industry, it is necessary to keep a track of materials and goods that are delivered. The gate pass will help you to identify which material, part or good is delivered. Gate passes are of two types one is Returnable and other is NGPR or Non-returnable. In this blog, we will concentrate on Non-Returnable Gate Pass.

This gate pass is generated by the store user and attached it with the delivery challan so that a keeper can understand that it is a non-returnable item. The word itself tells the meaning of it when an item is required to be sent permanently then Non-returnable Gate pass is prepared. For an example, you are the car dealer and you sold a car to a customer. Once sold the item can’t be taken back. In this case, you will generate Non-Returnable Gate Pass.

In Sage 300 we have created a Non-Returnable Gate Pass for one of our customer which is as follows:
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A Gate pass contains the following details: a Gate Pass number, Invoice Number, Date and related information of a customer. Before issuing any gate pass to the respective person you need to get the approval from an Authorized person.

The Non-Returnable Gate Pass helps us to keep a track of all those outgoing deliveries, parts for repairing and fitting to identify what is issued and what is delivered and what is the accurate stock available in the warehouse.

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