How to hide Sage 300 Web Screens using UI Profiles

By | April 28, 2017

We have seen that we have the UI Profiles in the standard Sage 300 for Desktop version, Sage has also provided the same feature in Web screens version 2017.

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UI profiles allows the user to customize the standard screens for particular users depending on the need and the permission.

Following are the steps to restrict user to access/view some fields in the web screens:

1. Open the O/E Order Entry screen that is available under menu “Order Entry”. We have currently logged the user with ADMIN and created an order. As we can see that the “Entered By” field shows the “ADMIN” as highlighted.

2.Click on the “customize” under Options.

Order Entry form

3. We will have the below screen after clicking on customize. We will need to create the “Customization ID”, “UI Profiles” and uncheck the fields that needs to be restricted (Ex.: Entered By Label and Textbox) and Save the customization ID using Save button.

Customized screen

4. We need to create UI profile that will be assigned to the Sage User and will apply the Customization ID.

Assign the user for the Profile ID. We have assigned the USER1 for Profile ID “ORDER”

Profile creation -UI

Assign the Customized Screens for the Profile ID that needs for the selected users.

Customized Screens for the Profile ID

5. Now when we login the Sage 300 using the user “USER1” for which the customization screen is applied, we can see that the “Entered By” label and the Textbox containing the information that has entered an order is not visible to the user.

OE Order entry screen

So, UI Profiles is helpful when we want to restrict the Sage user to access\view creating screen functionality in Sage 300 Web screens.

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