Extended Report Pack now compatible with GST

By | September 19, 2017

We all know that Greytrix Extended Report Pack is a combination of registers and vouchers, which are specifically designed and configure to meet Indian Business working style. It comprises a set of 7 form formats supported by Sage 300 ERP, to optimize business Reporting for Indian client base.
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As we all know now the GST is in the market which replace many of the indirect taxes like Central Excise, Service tax and VAT which commenced in 1st July 2017. So accordingly taxes structure got changed and it was necessary to make our Extended Report pack should be compatible with the new GST tax structure. So we have made our extended Report pack compatible in a way that the vouchers and registers will now have GST tax structure instead of Excise, CESS and other indirect taxes.
In this blog, we will discuss on the vouchers part. Let us discuss first Invoice voucher, as shown in the screen shot, the layout of the voucher is same as it is like Account details, Vendor Details, entry Details the only change we did in the vouchers that it prints the GST tax Amounts in both the currencies i.e. functional and vendor currency. This makes an easy for an Accountant people to take an approval against this voucher from their senior manager.


AP Invoice Voucher

AP Invoice Voucher with GST

In similar manner we have changed the format of the Purchase and sales Register as per the statutory requirement which we will discuss in our next blog.

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