Modified Tax Summary Representation in Sage 300 Reports

By | November 1, 2017

In ERP software, we can generate different MIS Reports to display and represent data in proper way to the end user.
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If a customer raises a particular entry in Sage 300 and wants to print data as per the requirement or wants a customized format of the report, it is very much doable in the MIS reports of Sage 300.
As the introduction of GST has changed the entire taxation system in the country. To handle the change in tax structure, we can change the representation of tax summary in Sage 300. reports. If you look at our standard report tax summary, you can see that header level tax authorities with their respective amounts. (Please refer below screen shot)

As per the above screenshot, the highlighted red part is the Tax Summary of the report, which indicates tax authority and their respective amount as per standard format.
With respect to this format, if same tax authority will apply to multiple items with different rates, then user cannot identify the same. To overcome the same, we have modified tax summary to show tax classes along with their respective rates. (Please refer below screen shot)

So now, we can modify tax summary for more clarification and transparency.