New enhancement in “Three way PO Matching”

By | November 29, 2017

In “3 Way Matching PO” module till now we have discussed about the introduction, features & working of the module. Earlier we have only a single setup where user can define whether he/she want to give an error when there is mismatch in quantity or cost. So it was applicable for all the PO screens and also for quantity and cost. But this is become rigid method and user cannot setup different type of restriction on each screen so we are come up with enhancement in 3 way PO matching which is quit flexible for the users to setup different types of restrictions/validations on each screen of PO.
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Let’s see the new enhancement in the Add-on module “Three Way PO matching”.
1. Provided the separate setup for cost and Quantity.
2. Provided separate level of tolerance in restrictions.
Please refer the below screen shot.
1.GK-OPTIONIn the above screen you can see, there is separate setting for Quantity and cost restriction.
This will allow Administrator to make a separate lock/validations on quantity and cost .The logic is provided in both transaction for PO receipt and PO invoice. Also Tolerance option is separately provided for all four transaction. With the help of this option user can setup the tolerance percentage.
For E.g. if we have created PO entry with ordered qty 100 and cost 100 , extended cost is 10000, on that if we set the tolerance with 10% on qty and cost of PO receipt level and PO invoice.2. NEW OPTION SCREENAt PO receipt screen, it will allow to save the PO Receipt /PO invoice entry if we entered quantity is up to or equal to 110 with PO cost 1003.QTY OF PO RECEIPTOR quantity 100 with Cost upto or equal to 110.
4.COST OF PO RECEIPTElse if we entered Quantity /cost more than tolerance Quantity/cost then in that case system will throw an error as shown in below screen shot

In this way, we can setup different validation option for each screen with this enhancement and flexibility to the users to setup 3 way PO matching.