Item Wise Tolerance in Three way PO Matching

By | November 29, 2017

As per Our last blog  3 Way Matching PO Receipt  we understand how 3 way PO matching module restrict user to enter more quantity and cost in receipt and Invoice screen by configuring 3 way PO matching in option screen. Now we are come up with new feature i.e. Item wise tolerance level for receipt as well as on invoice transactions in PO module.
In our earlier blog, we seen that how user can set the tolerance percentage which will be applicable for all the Items entered for Receipt or Invoice. This become rigid method when it comes to the requirement where tolerance needs to be different for every items. So to overcome this Greytrix have introduce Item wise tolerance percentage for receipt and Invoices transactions in PO.
If you refer the below screen shot of option screen where we have added a checkbox ”Item wise Tolerance ” so that user can either set item wise tolerance or can use the single tolerance percentage.
Now there will be question in a mind for an existing user that how can we set detail wise tolerance. So for that we are using an optional field ” TOLERANCE” which is assign to item optional field where user can define the value for the tolerance percentage which can be flowed from item optional field to PO receipt and Invoice details optional field. Please refer below screen shot for your reference.
You can say this is the default tolerance percentage define on Item master but even user can modify the value during the transaction to have that flexibility to the users.
So as per the configuration done 10% is defined for an Item. So during PO transaction by default 10 % tolerance percentage will be populated on the PO detail optional field and user can edit this tolerance percentage during the transactions. Whenever user will do PO receipt or PO invoice transaction, program will first check whether the tolernace setting is detail wise or header wise, on the basis of setting define and tolerance value, program will verify the PO quantity and throw a message whenever applicable. Refer below screen shot.
PO Entry