Adding Code to avoid Print issues on Manufacturing Issuance Customized Screens in Sage 300

By | March 22, 2018

Manufacturing Order is used to request a new item or product to be assembled or processed in Production Area. Includes here information on its components and operation. And can be defined with its Child MO, subcontractor, Purchase order, SO Details and Co-product. In ERP, we have multiple modules wherein we usually do the transaction in a standard way.
M/F Issuance refers to the issuance of raw materials, packaging materials and sub-assemblies from warehouse to the production floor for processing.
New Stuff:- Simplified OE Module Report (Shipment Details)
After a manufacturing order (MO) is released, the next step would be to obtain the necessary components to assemble the product. Production prints out a pick list based on MO requirements and submits it to the warehouse.
Based on this pick list, the warehouseman issues components from inventory stock against the MO. Upon issuance, the components leave the area of responsibility of the warehouse and go into the production floor.
At the time of posting Issuance Entries, how can a customer find finishing good item of the selected Manufacture Order?
Here we have come up with a useful customization on MF Issuance screen that will help users to find finish good item also we have discussed same on the previous blog.
Display Finish Good Item on manufacturing issuance Screen
As per standard functionality user can print same MF issuance entries from the same screen, right click on on the screen, user able to see print Option (refer below the screen)

After customization sometime it’s not working same as standard functionality (refer above screen), to avoid these type of issue you have to add the below code in your customization.

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