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Enhance Lot Allocation in the Inventory Control Module screens by adding extra columns

The initiative to customize the Lot allocation screen within Sage 300 by incorporating supplementary columns holds substantial merit. This customization stands to significantly enhance the system’s user experience and its capacity for data analysis. The inclusion of these extra columns serves to capture and present finer-grained specifics pertaining to individual lot numbers, thus engendering several… Read More »

Enhance Lot Allocation in the Order Entry Module screens by adding extra columns

Customizing the Lot allocation screen in Sage 300 to include additional columns that provide more details about specific lot numbers is a great initiative. This customization can greatly enhance the usability and data reporting capabilities of the system. By adding extra columns, you can capture and store relevant information about the lot numbers, making it… Read More »

OCX could not be loaded

In this blog, we will discuss about the solution for the warning message while loading the customized screen (OCX) I.e. ”AccpacOE1000.ocx could not be loaded”. Sage 300 provides an SDK (Software Development Kit) using, which a developer can customize, existing OCX screens, which has different OCX, name than that of standard name. Sometimes when any… Read More »

PO Requisition Import customization in Sage 300C

Purchase Orders provides a requisition approval system so you can ensure that only particular employee/s can approve purchase requisitions. PO Requisition is an internal document which allows user to purchase services or goods on behalf of organization. New Stuff: Exempting inactive items from transactions in GreyMatrix Approval of Requisitions is based on the Manual Approval… Read More »

Installation of web Customization in Sage 300c v 2019.1

Sage 300c has a user-friendly admin interface, through which user can easily import and install web customization for any module in sage 300c v 2019.1. This is one of the useful features through which any module or screens could be easily modified. In Sage 300c 2019.1 version, we can easily import and assign any modification to… Read More »

Possible Cause and Resolution for UAC popup while opening Sage 300 Customized screen

Here we are going to discuss about the issue that causes the Sage 300 customized screen to display unnecessary “UAC popup” prompt when the sage 300 is logged in by non-administrative window user. We have come across this issue mostly in Windows 10 and later versions environment due to advanced security measures that has been… Read More »