Sage 300 Customization to Print AP Aged Payable Report for multiple companies

By | February 18, 2017

Sage 300 “Accounts Payable” module provides the A/P Aged Payable Report.  This report internally provides various filtration criteria to generate report on the basis of Due Date, Document Date and overdue period etc.

We have further customized “Aged Payable” report for one of our client. In this blog we are going to discuss about this “Customized Aged Payable” report.

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On installing the customization separate icon will be added to Sage 300 à Accounts Payable –>A/P Transaction Reports desktop for “Customized Payables” report. Using this customized report user will be able to print the AP Aged Payables statements for all Sage 300 companies in the system at a time.

To achieve this we have provided configuration file in which user can maintain the user name and password in the encrypted format for all the Sage 300 companies which customer is using and willing to print the statements for the same. We are using the configuration file so that it will prevent the later source modification required in case of new Sage 300 Company to be included in the customization.

The user can login to one of the Sage 300 Company and set all the required filter criteria on the report user interface. According the selected criteria the customized report will login to all the sage 300 companies using the login credentials provided in the configuration file and will generate separate PDF file for the report. These files will be generated at the path specified in the configuration file.  Also the .pdf files will be saved with the name as per discussed format as mentioned below:

<ReportName>_<CompanyID>_<MMDDYYYYHHMMSS>.pdf i.e. e.g. “apapay11_SAMLTD_07272016123423.pdf”.

Note:  There is no changes on the report user interface all the parameters for the report as per standard screen.

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