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Use SQL Queries through Accpac view

There are few situations that almost every Accpac Developers face while working with Accpac Views, like… PERFORMANCE, when you have to browse/read a filtered piece of information from an Accpac table/view that has a huge size of Data, yes! Accpac certainly allows us to filter the Data on the fields that are exposed by the… Read More »

Combine Multiple Purchase Orders into One in Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac)

Often people ask for functionality where they can combine multiple PO’s into one so that they can maintain a single document for all open Items against a particular vendor and have single PO Receipt, plus sometimes enjoy reduced Freight obligations. Considering the need for this feature we have introduced a very simple and easy to… Read More »

Auto Insert associated Item in Order Entry Detail in Sage 300

Today while we were just scrolling through various forums, we just came across a thread on Sage Pro ERP forum (loop) where someone was looking for a solution for automatically inserting a line on Order Entry Screen, the business problem was for California based distributor who sold canned and bottled beverages and as per Californian… Read More »